Review: Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush and 20% off Discount code!


I wrote before about my very first twitter party, held by @bloggerslvehub, which was a great experience. Magnitone was one of the brands taking part and I was one of the lucky bloggers that they very kindly sent a Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush* to test out and review! (Plus a lovely discount if any of you want your very own colourpop Cleansing brush!!)

Read on if you want to be able to walk around all day doing this … because your face is sooo damn glowy!!

11009348_957109724341040_5012039609619332865_n(source – The Try Guys of course!)

First the blurb…


‘Magnitone offer daily skin cleansing and toning brushes for face & body to effectively cleanse, refresh and stimulate your skin…..They offer the latest in deep cleansing innovation, are easy to use and fit right in to your current skincare regime. They use gentle sonic vibrations to dislodge blackheads and whisk away dead skin cells, revealing a bright and glowing complexion.’

Magnitone offers three different types of cleansing brush – the more advanced and also for use on the body Magnitone Pulsar, the special limited edition bright pink Magnitone Lucid by Pixie Lott and the standard Magnitone Lucid, which is the one that I was gifted.

The Magnitone Lucid

The current range is the Fashion Series is inspired by the vibrant colours of the catwalk and the hottest looks of the year. The brush is available in four colours (see above – Aqua Green, Plush Pink, Dazzling Blue or Sunshine Yellow.) I asked to receive the Sunshine Yellow if possible and that is the one that I got!


‘Magnitone Lucid is powered by Active Electromagnetic Technology™. Enhanced electromagnetic pulsations that send rapid vibrations into skin. They naturally unclog pores, and sweep away dry and dead skin cells, leaving a clearer complexion’

image 2(source)

My Review

Ok, first a disclaimer – I currently use a similar cleansing brush made by a different company. I have been using this since February so when I swapped over to the Magnitone, I did not follow the instructions for new users and those with sensitive skin, as my skin is already well used to this sort of cleansing and exfoliation and is also not at all sensitive. I will list the instructions for first timers in a bit though for anyone who is new to this sort of deep cleansing.

The Lucid comes in a compact box, with everything that you need inside to start you off:


Inside the box, you will find the Lucid with an Active Clean Brush head already attached (you can buy a Sensitive and a Silk Bliss Luxury Head as well as replacement Active Clean heads separately), a travel charger (plus a two-pin adapter if you need it for travelling abroad), a 12 Month warranty card (remember to register online) and an instruction booklet.




The part that looks like a pebble on the bottom of the brush handle is in fact the ingenious ‘Clink’ charger, which attaches magnetically – you just add the plug into the end of it.

Before using the Magnitone for the first time, it is advised that it should be charged for 24 hours. When the device is charging the red light will flash and will go solid when fully charged. When I charged this for the first time the light went solid within a couple of hours but being the law abiding citizen that I am I left it for the entire 24 hours……just in case! It does say that this is to maximise it’s battery life.

A full charge will normally take about 12-15 hours and will last for about 2 weeks of use (obviously dependent on time and frequency used).

The Magnitone Lucid has two different cleansing modes, deep clean and sensitive, so it can be used by peeps that have sensitive skin as well. The advice given for first timers and those with sensitive skin is to use the SENSITIVE mode for the first 5 days to allow your skin time to adjust and they also recommend only one minute of cleansing each day for the first 5.

Since I like to take risks (says the person who follows the instructions exactly re: charging!), I totally ignored that since I had previously been using a cleansing brush and I went straight into Deep Clean mode ………and as I felt like 1 minute was not enough I did it for 2 minutes from the start!

10521530_837979662946054_1358069937738457765_n(source unknown – if you know please message me and I’ll add)

I should explain, the Magnitone has an inbuilt facial cleansing timer like other cleansing brushes. This cheeps at you every 20 seconds to remind you to move onto the next section of your face, then automatically shuts off after 1 minute. I had no problems turning the device on again for a further minute as I do 2 minutes with my current brush but if you have sensitive or dry skin or are new to this method of cleansing please take heed.

Magnitone states that:

“You may experience some adverse changes to your skin condition after the first few days of using Magnitone Lucid. This is completely normal as your skin adjusts to the new cleansing method. This happens because the Magnitone Lucid is slowly bringing up the deep-rooted oily impurities from your pores onto the surface of the skin. You should switch to the sensitive setting until any outbreaks clear and moisturise regularly after use”

So that is something to bear in mind if you do buy one of these. I did not have any reaction at all using the Magnitone Lucid BUT I did have some very annoying deep under the skin spots that took ages to go when I first started using my previous brush. I do have very oily skin which used to be very prone to spots even at my age but since I have been using an Asian / Korean skincare regime and a cleansing brush, I have had hardly any even around the time of the month. I will be doing an upcoming post / posts on my skincare steps so watch out for that.

Anyway, maybe don’t start using one of these just before a special occasion and give your skin a chance to get used to it first!

The Lucid is quite light and it fits really well into the palm of your hand, which makes it very easy to use. It is fully waterproof so it can be used in the bath or shower but they do advise that it should not be submerged in water for any period of time!



In the instruction booklet they advise that you start the cycle with your forehead and brow – I personally would advise against this!! You may end up with cleanser suds streaming down into your eyes for the rest of the cycle ….I did warn you 😉

I start with my nose (as that is the area that generally needs more work) and then move to my cheek, then chin, then the other cheek – ending on the forehead before using whatever time is left to concentrate on any trouble areas.

I am a huge advocate of double cleansing aka the K-Beauty regime (and plan to write a post extolling it’s virtues soon) and I do this twice a day even when I haven’t worn makeup and this seems to suit my very oily skin well. At the moment I am using the Nude Cleansing oil (agh – a western product!! hehe), followed by the Borntree Vita Berry Cleansing foam with the Lucid (a very expensive cleanser that I got in a Memebox last year – it IS wonderfully creamy!).

The other items shown here sort of count as my cleansing routine – a new addition, the La Roche Posay Serozinc; Neogen Code 9 Glucose Skin (a toner – I alternate between these two) and my Elizavecca 100% Galactomyces Essence (another sort of toner and the final part of my Galactomyces Round one testing – see here).


I would recommend that you use a creamy cleanser with a cleansing brush. I did try a very watery cleanser previously and they don’t froth up enough and do not feel as though they are doing much at all. It is not advised to use these with oil cleansers or anything with exfoliating grains as the brush is supposed to do the exfoliating for you and this would be too harsh and also may damage it.

I clean the brush head by swishing it under warm running water after each use to remove any residue and cleanser.  Magnitone recommend cleaning the brush head properly after each use but since I remove makeup prior to using the brush by double cleansing I feel that this is not necessary. I thoroughly clean it once a week instead.

So have I noticed a difference since swapping to the Magnitone Lucid from my previous brush?

Magnitone promises softer, brighter and clearer skin within 7 days. Although my skin was pretty bright and smooth due to already using a cleansing brush, I would say that it maybe feels a little softer and I am sure that the Magnitone would live up to it’s claims if I had not already been using something similar. It really does make a difference to skin that does not usually get exfoliated much and I would definitely recommend these sort of brushes for most skin types.

Some plus and minus points for the Magnitone Lucid:


+ the instructions for the Lucid are very straightforward and easier to get started

+ light and fits easily into the palm of your hand

+ feels softer on the skin

+ cleaned very well, skin is noticeably ‘squeaky’ afterwards

+ left skin glowing and (sorry if TMI – blackheads easily extractable)

+ no negative reaction or spots

+ better price than other brands on the market and therefore more accessible


– switches off after one minute, which I feel isn’t long enough for me

– bristles are long and I find that more difficult to operate evenly on the skin

– results in a lot of spray into the mirror (use in the shower would probably be easier)

– feels softer on the skin

– no stand or travel case so more difficult to charge and store

I definitely recommend the Magnitone Lucid if you are new to the world of cleansing brushes, have been thinking of getting one and don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds – it is such good value for money, especially with this offer!

The Offer

It retails for only £69.99, but if you click here and use the code Charlotte20 at checkout you’ll get an exclusive 20% OFF, making it only £55.99!! (Offer ends 1st June 2015).

Until next time……which will be a very late MaskGenie review and then what will be a new, hopefully fun (!) regular Monday post … stay tuned and please follow me on twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook if you don’t already!


(Almost forgot a bunny!)

winnie the bunny fb(This is Winnie of Winnie the Bunny on FB, with her brush .. ok, very tenuous link .. it’s a hamster!)


*Disclaimer: PR Sample very kindly gifted by Magnitone via The Bloggers Hub, for an honest review. No affiliate links.

One thought on “Review: Magnitone Lucid Cleansing Brush and 20% off Discount code!

  1. Lol is it a habit to post a bunny at the ned or? It’s cute btw! It looks almost like the Clarisonic Mia but cheaper! :O Also the color of this thing is so honeylicious 😀 I personally think creamy cleansers with this type of thing is too much for my skin. Creamy stuff if mostly drying on my skin and the clarisonic is already soo much for it. I often use a gel cleanser not a too runny one, else it indeed gets too messy. I like this post! When will your next post be? 😛


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