I won the Memebox X NYLON Sweet 16 #ItGirlPalette! – Initial Review and Swatches

Before I get into the loveliness that is the Memebox X NYLON Palette, I have a request.

I have been selected as one of the 8 finalists in Beauteque’s Curate A Collection. They will be selecting 3 winners on the 24th at 12PM EST.  If you like my reviews and fancy seeing what I would put into a bag of my favorite products (hopefully read that as MASKS!!), please help me out by liking / commenting on this post here, by liking / commenting on the pinned Facebook post here and favoriting / retweeting this tweet here.


Your help and support is extremely appreciated and hopefully if I do get picked I will be able to hold a giveaway here with my obviously gorgeous and much coveted beauty bag!! So speaking of giveaways …….

I won the Memebox X NYLON Sweet 16 #ItGirlPalette Giveaway held by the wonderful Michele at Unboxing Beauty. This is one of my absolute favourite blogs for K Beauty and is the one I always turn to for recommendations on products that I know I will love, as I think that we have similar taste and skin types. I trust her opinion on products and appreciate the thoroughness of her reviews. She packaged my prize very well and it survived the trip across the Atlantic with absolutely no problems.

I NEVER win competitions yet in the space of a couple of weeks I won this and an empties competition in the Memebox Addicts Facebook group (I do use a LOT of face masks!). I’ll be trying out my prize from that (more face masks!!) in the next few weeks and will review 🙂

As Memebox no longer ships overseas I have had to look at the lovely goodies on offer and have a little sob to myself recently, as I can’t get my mitts on them. But here we go! Memebox without the international issues!

The collaboration

Nylon is a cutting edge multi platform media company and beauty, fashion and entertainment magazine. The name references New York and London. It launched in 1999 and the #ItGirlPalette is NYLON’s special gift to its readers in celebration of their 16th anniversary. All of the colours in the palette were carefully picked by NYLON’s senior beauty editors with a strong emphasis on versatility and uniqueness. ….and my favorite bit:

‘This palette is a must-have for all gals that are edgy, trend-setting, and f***ing awesome. Cruelty Free’


“This palette is inspired by our readers, and made for them- because you love NYLON, and we love you right back. Working with Memebox was the easiest thing ever. I scrambled through my eye shadow archives and picked out and swatched some of my favorite hues, and from there it was kind of like putting a puzzle together and making sure all the pieces fit.”
Jade Taylor, Senior Beauty Editor of NYLON

Now I have a confession …..I haven’t used a powder eyeshadow in a good few years (read that as about 10!). This isn’t because of my contact lenses (for once) and is mainly due to sheer laziness and being stuck in my ways for too many years.  I love my cream eyeshadows and heavily depend on MAC Paint pots, Maybelline Colour Tattoos and Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencils. I like the ease of use – the ‘swipe it on and your done’ aspect and when I lived in a very hot place they were just the easiest thing to use (and surprisingly didn’t melt).

I entered this competition to get out of my comfort zone and I will hopefully be following this post up with a proper full review, with some lovely close-ups of my eyes (you lucky people!) wearing some of these shades. I do need to get some decent brushes first though 😉

The Palette

The palette comes in a fun card box  with a refractive diamond (glass? Ice cubes?) design and has a compact matt black case measuring about 6 x 10.5cm, with Nylon XO Memebox in their signature (Memebox AND Nylon!) hot pink.

The box has the full ingredients on the back:


The compact has a good sized mirror and contains 6 smaller eyeshadows and two larger ones (intended to be used as a highlighter and a blush). There is also a cute little brush with a sponge on the other end, which I haven’t tried yet, but is an improvement on the plain sponge tips you usually get in the eyeshadow palettes I had back many years ago 🙂


As you can see there is a removable plastic cover with the names of the shadows, which is very useful.


These are the shades as given on the Memebox website:


You may be wondering about the names …well, wonder no longer:

“Sweet 16” is in honor of it being our 16th anniversary, “The Moment” for us! The remaining shades (Lilo, Mary-Kate, Mischa, Lana, Paris, and Nicole) are inspired by some of our most iconic cover stars, which each embody the color in their own way’

Here is the palette without the plastic cover:


and here are some not very good swatches. (I need to learn how to do these properly!) I used the MUA Pro-base eye primer underneath and my skin is as pale as a very pale thing (Nars Mont Blanc / MAC NW15 / Dior Cameo).

In direct sunlight:

DSCN1759(From left to right: The Moment, Sweet 16, Lilo, Mary-Kate, Mischa, Lana, Paris, Nicole. Starlooks Lip Paint)

In shade:


and in indirect sunlight:


Here are the swatches that Memebox gives on their site:


I can’t wait to get stuck into this when my brushes arrive (ebay!). I particularly like the look of Lana, Paris and Mischa. I have always been quite partial to a rose gold / copper / bronze eye as I have blue eyes but ever since the Christmas Memebox which introduced me to wearing a burgundy glitter pigment on my eyes (Peripera Wholly Deep Jewel Pot), which I absolutely adore I am even veering into a more reddish rusty looking eye.

I also like the look of Sweet 16 as I do like a good pop of blush and I will even try it on my eyes despite the warning on the box that it is not approved for use on the eyes in the USA, Brazil and Canada. I think I will be fine, being far from any of those places and presumably it has been approved by the EU (which have pretty strict guidelines but not obviously as strict as the FDA) 😉

Rules are made to be broken after all!

rules are made to be broken

These are some of the suggested looks given by Memebox:




I may attempt to recreate these when I try it out …..or I may just make it up as I go along. I have a teeny problem with always having crazy eyes when I try to take a photo of myself (I think it’s the concentration) so I have to try and get past that hurdle too!

Conclusion (and the rest of the goodies that I won!)

I can’t really conclude properly until I have tried it out on my eyes (and I only got it yesterday) and tested the pigmentation and longevity but I really like the palette so far. There are some really interesting colours and all are ones that I would wear. I am excited to be dabbling in powder eyeshadow again after such a break (and have just bought a Makeup Revolution palette to assist in my experimentations as well).

If you are based in the US, you can still buy this palette on the Memebox website for $29, along with two mystery boxes that contain it.

As well as this gorgeous palette, Unboxing Beauty also included a Starlooks Ultra Matte Lip Slick in Infatuation, which is a bright pink-coral shade and you can see that in the swatches, and an amazing selection of samples. I was very excited that she included two sheet masks that I have been eyeing up but have not tried yet and I am especially looking forward to trying these out! She also included a lovely butterfly card with a personal message and this all together totally made my day (well, my week actually!)



Till next time (and please vote / like / follow if you haven’t already), Charlotte xx

Would you like to see a Beauteque / Charlotte’s Web Curate – a – Collection?

I have been chosen as one of 8 shortlisted to collate a collection of products with Beauteque,  the online ‘East meets West’ beauty emporium.  They are going to pick 3 winners!

You may have seen the previous collaborations by Harlot Beauty, Bits and Boxes and Sample Hime. They were all very popular and sold out in record time. Now, Beauteque is looking for more beauty bloggers to partner with. The competition is running until the 24th (at Noon EST) and to win, I need to get as many likes and comments as I can on here, on the post on my Facebook page and on my tweet on Twitter. They will take this into consideration, along with my application and the content of my blog. I would absolutely love this opportunity and I am so grateful to be given this chance. It would be amazing to to be able to pick some of my favorite products for a themed bag and share them with you all! If you could see me now – this is my face … yes, slightly pathetic and pleading! Please ‘Like’ me (the post, tweet etc) 😉

me when a sa is wrapping up my goodies(Thanks Olive, source)

Thank you for your help with this! I am planning a giveaway soon and if I get chosen for this, hopefully another one as well! Charlotte x