Memebox – a sad story…


A tad over dramatic? Let me tell you a story…..

Memebox (RIP) was a K Beauty Shop based in Seoul, South Korea (with a warehouse and offices in San Francisco, USA and a dedicated US shop operated from there).

For 5 glorious months, I have been discovering the wondrous world of Korean Beauty through their many myriad, themed boxes and the online store. Memebox was not a subscription box as we would normally see in the UK (think Glossy and Birch) but had regular themed boxes that you could buy individually, that would then be shipped to you within about 2 weeks from the shipping date (for standard shipping). I will be reviewing some of my recent boxes in the next few days and many of the products will pop up as individual product reviews as I work my way through my stash.

Alas, this service is no more …it’s passed on! It has ceased to be! It’s expired and gone to meet its maker! (slightly dodgy paraphrasing there. Thanks MP). There are rumours that it is just resting …but we shall see.

As of February 10th, unless you are based in either the USA, Korea or China, you are shit out of luck when it comes to getting your hands on one of the coveted pink boxes. (see announcement here:

Life isn’t fair, as evidenced by this short bunny intermission, whilst I cry and kick things:

bunny shaming shoes
(Courtesy of Bunny Shaming on Facebook)

Apart from losing out on trying new things –  as opposed to ordering boring old goods of the internets (more of that later), the Memebox community has grown into a wild, untamed (despite all admin attempts!) and glorious place to hangout. There are a number of Facebook groups where life will now be a little sadder and less obviously international, as members inevitably drop off. I have made some great friends from our shared love of K beauty and hopefully, that can continue from now on ….just with a pink box-shaped hole.

It is this international community that has helped Memebox become the company that it is today. We made them a success, we spent a LOT of money and we brought in their sales through the affiliate programme. They say that this decision is due to ‘shipping problems’. I say that is total bollocks (other companies manage just fine and it would be easily sorted with decent customer services in case of problems and smart logistics).

I have my suspicions as to the real reasons but in the meantime, they will operate out of their physical warehouse in the aforementioned countries with presumably quicker shipping but much more expensive products (the US shop has shown that already).

Will we be here when/if they return?? We shall see. They would have to provide a hell of a lot of incentives to regain our trust again and I do hope that in the meantime another company takes advantage and fills the hole left by their departure. I think they will regret this decision in a big way but that is no longer our problem.

I will be reviewing some of the boxes and products In have received over the coming months. This may be helpful to those that can still buy if they ever do restocks again and to the rest of us, as I add in links to the individual product reviews (as and when I use them) and where else to buy them. There will not be links to Memebox to purchase obviously but if you want to check them out they can be found at Memebox.